Commercial Services

Local businesses in Riviera Beach need AC system care just like homes do! To combat the Florida heat, it’s crucial for our customers to rely on us for every step of their HVAC journey – and your customers will appreciate it too!

AC Installation Services

Your commercial heating and cooling system might be getting old, making it smarter to replace rather than endure its poor performance. In such cases, our team can assist with a smooth upgrade to ensure your business doesn’t suffer from uncomfortable temperatures. We help choose an efficient AC system size and type and ensure flawless installation.

AC Repair Services

We understand how a sudden AC breakdown or repair can affect your business’s profits. Our team swiftly evaluates your system and offers the best solution to get it up and running ASAP. We even provide emergency 24/7 AC repair to meet all our customers’ needs. Trust us to fix your unit’s issue with professionalism and care!

AC Maintenance Services

The simplest way to prevent breakdowns in your HVAC system is by scheduling an annual tune-up with a specialized HVAC expert. Our team members are trained to spot worn-out parts and potential trouble areas in the system. By stopping problems before they escalate, we save you time and money. We aim for flawless operation of your HVAC system and your business, so rely on us for maximum efficiency!

Need Commercial HVAC Services?

King Air Conditioning & Heating is experienced with a range of different AC systems, and we work on all brands and models for commercial heating and cooling systems. Our experienced technicians can repair or maintain your system and can evaluate the dynamics of your Riviera Beach business in case a new installation is needed in the future. Call us for any of your light HVAC commercial work today!

What’s included in Commercial HVAC Care?

Owners of commercial properties can cut down on wasted energy from their HVAC systems by enrolling in a maintenance plan designed for their cooling needs. This not only boosts performance but also keeps your workspace comfy.

At King Air Conditioning & Heating, our HVAC experts conduct:

  • Thorough checks to ensure the system works well and efficiently
  • Deep cleaning of components to keep the system running smoothly
  • Lubrication of parts to prevent breakdowns
  • Inspection of electrical connections for loose wires
  • Adjustment and examination of thermostats

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